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Be­low you can find all pho­to gal­lery’s. Do you want more in­for­ma­tion about what you can ex­pect from a par­tic­u­lar gal­lery? Please click on one of the pho­tos be­low for a de­scrip­tion. Op­tion­al­ly, there is al­so a de­scrip­tion about that spe­cif­ic BDSM as­pect. Most pho­to gal­lery’s stand alone and some have al­so a vid­eo avail­able on the same sub­ject.

10. Demand u to beg for mercy slave gangbang

Two Black Mistresses punish a slave

Mis­tress Bianca and Mis­tress V Eb­o­ny are or­ga­niz­ing to­geth­er their first slave gang bang. The re­sult is to see in this beau­ti­ful and sexy pho­to gal­lery.

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9. Pegging with red Strap-on Dildo

Mistress with red strap-on dildo takes slave in the ass

For a firm peg­ging the black Dom­i­na at­tach­es a red strap­on dil­do. Her sub must suck be­fore she fucks him from be­hind!

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8. Nurse's uniform

White tights under nurse uniform

Have you ev­er ero­tic fan­ta­sies with a pret­ty nurse in uni­form? Or feel­ings you're about at the mer­cy of a nurse?

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7. Erotic Massage

Mistress in black lingerie

Dom­i­nat­ed be with­out pain, yes you can! Dressed in sexy body stock­ing and black boots, the mas­seuse gives an ero­tic mas­sage.

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6. Corset in Femdom

Mistress with red corset dominates slave

Dom­i­nate in red cor­set gives a clas­sic BDSM scene. For the sa­dis­tic ac­tions should be a slave as play ob­ject.

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5. Shoe Fetish and High Heel Fetish

Open shoe with black foot

For a high-heel fe­tish­ist is it a pain­ful plea­sure when he gets a high heel in his skin. This se­ries has been en­joy­ing for lov­ers of high-heeled shoes.

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4. Spanking and Corporal Punishment

Mistress squeezes nipples of slave

Dressed in leath­er skirt and leop­ard top the Mis­tress pun­ish­es her slave with spank­ing and oth­er cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment.

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3. Strapon Dildo

Mistress with red strapon dildo

To see a dom­i­nant wom­an with a strap­on is per­haps a touch of strange, but very ex­cit­ing! This is an ero­tic and ar­tis­tic pho­to gal­lery.

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2. Cock and Balls Torture

Mistress in silver outfit

The Su­ri­na­mese forms of this Dom­i­na­trix are ap­par­ent in her tight out­fit. Once his cock is stiff she be­gins with CBT!

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1. Leather Jacket

Mistress in leather jacket

Wear­ing leath­er gives a tough and pow­er­ful ap­pear­ance and is of­ten very sexy. This first pho­to se­ries has lift­ed a cor­ner of the leath­er jack­et!

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