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17. Ball­bust­ing by Two Black Mistresses

Black Mistresses doing Ballbusting

Mis­tress Bianca and Mis­tress V Eb­o­ny are both lov­ers of ball­bust­ing and en­joy kick­ing a slave very hard in his balls with­out mer­cy!

length 3 min 20 sec. HD-720p more information ...

16. Sucking High Heels of Thigh High Boots

Malesub worships thigh high boots

A boot fe­tish­ist must suck high-heels deep­throat and wor­ship thigh-high boots. You see real kinky boots in this vid­eo clip.

length: 4 min 45 sec. HD-720p more information ...

15. Spanking 'Over-the-Knee'

Malesub gets a spanking with the carpet beater

A ma­le­sub de­serves a tra­di­tion­al over the knee spank­ing! He gets a sound thrash­ing with the car­pet beat­er till his but­tocks are red.

Length: 2 min 13 sec. HD-720p more information ...

14. Foot Fetishist in Ecstasy

Guy worships black foot

A foot fe­tish­ist wor­ships beau­ti­ful dark feet. It is pure in­dul­gence for a sub­mis­sive to feel such feet in his face.

Length: 3 min 40 sec. HD-720p more information ...

13. Pegging with red Strap-on

Mistress fucks slave

Black Dom­i­na­trix pegs a slave with a red strap­on. Are you cu­ri­ous feel­ing to be fucked? Try a peg­ging!

Length: 5 min 17 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

12. Tram­pling with lace tights

Black Mistress with Lace pantyhose

Tram­pling with lace tights pro­vides ad­di­tion­al tick­ling on the body of the slave and feel­ing her foot sole can be pret­ty horny.

Length: 5 min 12 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

11. Breath­tak­ing Smoth­er­ing Face­sit­ting

Black nurse sit on somebody's face

Black sis­ter in nurse’s uni­form does a face­sit­ting ex­am­ina­tion. How long can she sit with her big ass on the face of her pa­tient?

Length: 2 min 54 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

10. Sexual Education

Black Mistress gives sexual education

How do you deal with a black pus­sy? Sis­ter Bianca ex­plains it all in this vid­eo. Of course her stu­dent has to put it al­so in­to prac­tice.

Length: 3 min 22 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

9. Erotic Massage

Black masseuse dressed in sexy lingerie gives a man a massage

The Black mas­seuse us­es her en­tire body for an ero­tic mas­sage. The gen­i­tals of the man get horny treat­ment which he will long re­mem­ber!

Length: 3 min 32 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

8. Painting Toenails

Foot of Black Mistress

A lov­ing task for a foot fe­tish­ist is paint­ing toe nails! When done, he may kiss her both feet to show ap­pre­ci­a­tion.

Length: 2 min 56 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

7. Mistress Rips Clothes

Mistress rips clothes in pieces

To be­gin, the clothes from the slave will be ripped from his body, and then his back and but­tocks whipped with a flog­ger.

Length: 3 min 14 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

6. CBT with clothespins

Clothespins on genitals

CBT stands for Cock and Ball Tor­ture. In this vid­eo, the balls are sub­jected to a whole lot of clothes­pins. Do you al­so en­joy CBT?

Length: 3 min 31 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

5. Anal Play with Cucumber

Dominatrix with a cucumber and slave

The ti­tle speaks for it­self, with the cu­cum­ber as a sex toy. Watch this vid­eo to see what else hap­pens!

Length: 3 min 04 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

4. Wax Play

Mistress with candle above sub's dick

This game is hot can­dle wax dripped on the gen­i­tals of a slave. This treat­ment caused a great sen­sa­tion which makes him very horny.

Length: 7 min 49 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

3. Golden Shower

Black Mistress pees on slave

From a per­verse per­spec­tive you can see how the Mis­tress pees on some­one. For real slaves the ul­ti­mate hon­or is to re­ceive the pre­cious liq­uid!

Length: 0 min 45 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

2. Electric Fly Swatter

Mistress harasses slave with electric fly swatter

Treat­ment with elec­tri­cal shocks can lead to sur­pris­ing re­sults, which is fun in it­self of course. But you'll have to judge for your­self!

Length: 5 min 11 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...

1. Nipple and Cock Torture

Mistress in silver leggings sits on naked slave

The sa­dis­tic Dom­i­na­trix whips slave’s cock and balls with a rid­ing crop and she tortures his body. His nip­ples are pain­ful­ly tortured with me­tal clamps.

Length: 4min. 17 sec. size: 480x360 more information ...