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Special Content


Want to see ex­cit­ing Fem­dom pic­tures of Mis­tress Bianca? Or, want to see BDSM vid­eo clips where this black Mis­tress dom­i­nates? It is pos­si­ble from the Neth­er­lands, Bel­gium and Lux­em­bourg!

Vis­it spe­cial con­tent where you can view ex­clu­sive pho­tos and vid­eo clips for a lit­tle fee. The pay­ment is a­non­y­mous and takes place with the help of your phone and an 0906 num­ber. Ac­cess fees from Neth­er­lands ca. €0.80 per min­ute, from Bel­gium ca. €1.00 per min­ute and from Lux­em­bourg ca. €1.15 per min­ute. Of course, it's up to you to de­cide what you want to watch and how long you want to stay.

Help­ful hint!
Make sure the Intro Video is play­able, so you know that the com­put­er set­tings are cor­rect. If the in­tro vid­eo is not play­able then you can­not play the paid vid­eo clips.

Want to know more?
Then check out the but­tons Pho­to In­dex and Vid­eo Clip In­dex at the top, so you get an im­pres­sion of what is in the spe­cial con­tent. Each item in the in­dex has a link to a de­tailed de­scrip­tion.

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You can see ex­clu­sive vid­eo clips and pho­tos for a small fee. Us­ing a 0906 phone num­ber, you can get ac­cess to this spe­cial con­tent. The cost is ca. €0.80 per min­ute in the Neth­er­lands, ca. €1.00 per min­ute in Bel­gium and ca. €1.15 per min­ute in Lux­em­bourg. It's up to you to de­cide what you want to watch and how long you want to stay.