Banners and promotional material

Web­mas­ters, do you have a nice web­site that con­nects well with this web­site? Then it's may­be a good i­dea to pro­mote this web­site. On this page are some ban­ners that are suit­a­ble for this. There is an op­tion to cre­ate pro­mo­tion­al ma­te­ri­al a­dapted to your wish­es. In ev­ery case, please con­tact web de­sign.

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Copy the de­sir­ed ban­ner by right click, then save as. Up­load the ban­ner into the same folder as your web­page on your web­site. Then place the ac­com­pan­ing code on your web­page.

Standard Banner

Meesteres Bianca

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="Meesteres-Bianca-468.jpg" alt="Meesteres Bianca" title="Donkere Meesteres Bianca" width="468" height="60" style="border:none" /></a>

Half size banner

Meesteres Bianca

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="Meesteres-Bianca-234.jpg" alt="Meesteres Bianca" title="Donkere Meesteres Bianca" width="234" height="60" style="border:none" /></a>