Welcome to Black Mistress Bianca

I am a black Mis­tress of Su­ri­na­mese de­scent. Do you need a firm spank­ing or are you just cu­ri­ous? If you are an adult and you are interested in BDSM then you are very wel­come, oth­er­wise, I re­quest to leave this web­site im­me­di­ate­ly. Would you like to serve a black Mis­tress? Watch out! I can be quite strict sa­dis­tic Dom­i­na that you might be a long time will re­mem­ber.

Dis­cov­er for your­self more things on this web­site!
Hope to see you soon,

Mistress Bianca

Cam Chat

See each oth­er through the com­put­er screen and do ex­cit­ing things, in­ti­mate and dis­creet. Is this some­thing for you?

Are you interested to serve a beau­ti­ful Dom­i­na for the cam? You'll have to ex­e­cute tasks for me, so that I can train you well in­to my on­line slave. The new thing is that I want to use skype! Be­cause it is new, you pay on­ly 20 eu­ros for in­tro­duc­tion for half an hour! Let me know you're interested, Contact me first.

Watch out! You will re­ceive my re­ply by mail, you list­ed your nick­name and your Skype ac­count and in any case, let me know that you want to be­come my on­line slave. You will re­ceive fur­ther in­struc­tions from me about the pay­ment and how and when we can get to work.

Be quick!